Students who hold a degree awarded by an Italian university:

Lauree del vecchio ordinamento: Lingue, culture ed istituzioni dei paesi del mediterraneo, Lingue e civiltà orientali, Lingue e culture dell’Europa Orientale, Lingue e culture europee, Lingue e Letterature Orientali, Lingue e letterature Straniere, Scienze politiche, Giurisprudenza.
Lauree di I livello (ex DM 509/99 e DM 270/2004): Classi 11 e L-11, 3 e L-12; Classi 15 e L-36, 35 e L37; 2 e L-14
Lauree di II livello (ex DM 509/99 e DM 270/2004): Classi 41/S e LM-36, 42/S e LM-37, 43/S e LM-38, 44/S e LM/39, LM-94); Classi 60/S e LM-52, 88/S e LM-81, 99/S e LM-90; Classi (22/S e LMG-01)

Other students:

Degrees from non-Italian universities will have to be recognized as valid by the commission, according to current international agreements. The student will enclose an original copy of the university degree and an original copy of their transcript of records or their Diploma Supplement. Both documents should to be translated into Italian and certified (the Diploma Supplement does not require translation).

For all:

Proficient knowledge of English, French and Italian is required. The ideal candidate will be a native speaker of one of these languages. Intermediate knowledge of either German or Spanish is also required. Language skills will be evaluated during the preliminary interview.


The following documents are required:

1. Copy of a valid ID card or passport;

2. A recent photograph;

3. A detailed curriculum vitae in English;

4. Copies of the certificates enclosed with the CV (e.g. language diploma). Certificates issued in a language different from the master’s working languages (DE/IT/EN/ES/FR) should be translated;

5. (only for whom that hasn’t an Italian degree) Original (or certified true copy) of the academic qualifications (degree or more). If this document is not in Italian or English, a certified translation must be provided;

6. (only for whom that hasn’t an Italian degree) Original (or certified true copy) of the academic transcripts (including results). If this document is not in Italian or English, a certified translation must be provided. In alternative, the original or a copy of the “Diploma Supplement”.

Documents 5 and 6 must be sent also by post to: IUSE (c.a. Maria Grazia Goiettina), Università di Torino, Lungo Dora Siena 100 – 10153 Torino (Italy).

In order to apply, you need to register first. Please follow the links below and read the instructions.

The Master in International Translation is listed under “First level master courses” (According to the Italian system “first level” master courses only require a BA degree).


Students will be selected through an oral interview to verify proficient knowledge of English and French and basic knowledge of German and/or Spanish. Non-native Italian students will also demonstrate their proficiency in Italian. During the interview students will present their former education and work experience.