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Programme / Internships

The Master in International Translation holds courses (in class and online) on:

  • Intercultural and disciplinary competence: Comparative Law (2 ECTS – online), International Law – Advanced level (1 ECTS), International relations (3 ECTS), Comparative terminology (3 ECTS).
  • Information mining competence: Lab 1 on Research methods (3 ECTS) and Lab 2 on Documentary Research and Monitoring Terminology (3 ECTS – online).
  • Technological competence: Computer Aided Translation (6 ECTS).
  • Managerial competence: Translation as a profession (9 ECTS).
  • Language competence: Specialised translation from FR (3 ECTS) and EN (3 ECTS) into IT and from IT into FR (3 ECTS) and EN (3 ECTS); Specialised translation from DE or ES into IT (3 ECTS) and from IT into DE or ES (3 ECTS).

The programme  will be delivered according to the following schedule:

  • face-to-face lessons: 2 days a week (Thursday and Friday, 8hrs a day), from late September to late November 2017 and from early March to early May 2018;
  • online activities (workshop, tutoring, documentation, forum,  etc): through the moodle platform.

Internships take place last 3 months. In order to obtain the official recognition of the internship, you will have to fill in the Job Placement form once the hosting institution has been selected.


Tuition fees are € 5000 to be paid in two instalments, the first (€ 3552) when the student enrols, and the second (€ 1448) by 4 September 2017.

Non-EU citizens are reminded they need to cover their health insurance costs and visa expenses.

Venue and Accommodation

The master courses are held in the modern Luigi Einaudi Campus – Lungo Dora Siena 100, Turin. The city is known for its diverse and culturally intense urban life. The sustainable living costs and the pleasant green environment make Torino the ideal place to study.